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Grow888x cross border accelerator program

One of the first Cross Border Accelerator program between US, UAE, Singapore & India to nurture the startups.

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Unicorn Founders

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"We are grateful to 888vc for investing in us and building our fund raise. They brought in much needed guidance and helped us with great connects through their network of fellow founders."

Mohit Kumar


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"888 not only provided us with funds but much needed mentorship and guidance."

Rahul Vishwakarma


Pick My Work

“We got the pleasure to meet 888vc, who assisted us by participating in our first round of fundraising and constructing the entire round for us. "

Vidyarthi Baddireddy



The 888VC community

With 50+ startup investments and more than $100Mn syndicated, we are building the largest Cross-border community. Check out our startups with a combined valuation of $1Bn below.


Value Propositions Seed funding upto $500k

Maximize your startup's potential with seed funding up to $500k and gain access to a network of investors, resources, and expertise to propel your growth.

Get Mentored by Industry experts

Take your career or business to the next level by receiving personalized mentorship from accomplished unicorn founders and CXOs, and gain valuable insights to drive your success.

Access to Global Cross Border Funds

Go global with your business ambitions and tap into a world of investment opportunities by accessing global cross-border funds, providing the resources you need to scale and expand.

Startup Kit Worth 60,000 USD

Kickstart your entrepreneurial journey with a startup kit worth $60k, providing the essential resources, tools, and support you need to bring your ideas to life and grow your business.

Our Partners

Our Cohorts

Deep Tech

888Vc invests in post-Seed deeptech firms that have a proven technology, an exceptional team, and early momentum. We assist the entrepreneurs in whom we invest in as they transition from prototype and proof of concept to scalable goods and services.


The AI programme provides a fundamental grasp of today's leading technologies, such as big data, AI, and machine learning, as well as how to apply them to support your organization's goal.


SaaS cohort analysis is grouping users based on common behaviours or traits in order to answer business questions about how those users have interacted with, or will interact with, a SaaS product. SaaS organisations can determine how particular user actions or traits result in different outcomes.

Web 3

Launch Your Future Into Web 3.0! Build your company alongside a supportive and rapidly expanding Web 3.0 community. A 2-month step-by-step business Bootcamp with one-on-one coaching that provides everything entrepreneurs need to establish a solid Web3 startup core.

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