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Phable Care

India's Largest Chronic Disease Management | 20x Multiplier

Co Invested with Inflection Point Ventures, SOSV, Omron Ventures, Kalaari Capital, Social Starts etc.


An integerated platform for gaming content consumption & creation, to watch exciting gameplays & hangout with fans.

Co Invested with Venture catalyst, Anthill, 9Unicorn, Paytm & others


An AI based platform that drive emotional engagement quotient of content and also gives smart recommendations to enhance engagement with audiences.

Co Invested with Venture Catalysts, 9unicorns, SOSV & others

G.O.A.T Brand Labs

A tech driven platform to acquire & scale a portfolio of differentiated D2C brands in the lifestyle space.  It is mono-maniacally focused on  making Indian D2C brands world famius. 

Co Invested with Tiger Global, Flipkart Ventures, Mayfield, Better Capital & others

It provides accessable & affordable healthcare by flipping the complete healthcare system that has been static by reaching the unreachables through internet.

Co Invested with StartupXseed


A technology enabled network to accelerate home ownership for first time home buyers & solve the biggest hurdel of down payment.

Coinvested with Venture Catalysts

A tool that brings together cutting edge technology & supply chain expertise to automate demand/ inventory task, generate insights & help businesses to expand.

Co Invested with Inflection Point Ventures, IAN, Some Unicorn Founders & others


A cloud based, collaborative & real time no code platform to enable next 100mn 3D designers to build & sell spatial designs in metaverse

Co Invested with Hashed, Polygon, Terra & others