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Teleport is a travel tech startup that simplifies travel visa applications.


Co Invested with Superb Capital, Kunal Shah, Vidit Aatrey, Duro VC, FAAD , Astir VC, Sheroes

Business on bot

BusinessOnBot is the ultimate solution for D2C brands to acquire new users on WhatsApp & Instagram

Co Invested with Y combinator, Angel List, Dholakia Ventures, Let’s Venture


An integerated platform for gaming content consumption & creation, to watch exciting gameplays & hangout with fans.

Co Invested with Venture catalyst, Anthill, 9Unicorn, Paytm & others

G.O.A.T Brand Labs

A tech driven platform to acquire & scale a portfolio of differentiated D2C brands in the lifestyle space.  It is mono-maniacally focused on  making Indian D2C brands world famius. 

Co Invested with Tiger Global, Flipkart Ventures, Mayfield, Better Capital & others

It provides accessable & affordable healthcare by flipping the complete healthcare system that has been static by reaching the unreachables through internet.

Co Invested with StartupXseed


A technology enabled network to accelerate home ownership for first time home buyers & solve the biggest hurdel of down payment.

Coinvested with Venture Catalysts

A tool that brings together cutting edge technology & supply chain expertise to automate demand/ inventory task, generate insights & help businesses to expand.

Co Invested with Inflection Point Ventures, IAN, Some Unicorn Founders & others


A technology platform that powers Manufacturers, Distributors/Wholesalers, Retailers with innovative products and trade services

Co Invested with Kube VC, We Founders Circle, Ankur Agarwal (Dunzo founder), Ravish Kumar, Matterlives Ventures


A feminine hygiene brand that delivers science-based skincare products that are safe & effective.


It controls, optimize & strategically reduce the business spend by digitising accounts payable process with a scalable AP automation system

Successfully Acquired by a large Fintech Company in US

Pick My Work

An agrregated platform that provide services like customer & merchant acquisition, user activation & audits etc to scale the business & its sales. 

Coinvested with SoSV, Orbit Startups, BLUME Founders Funds, Venture Catalysts & We Founder Circle.


It is India's fastest growing tech enabled full stack EV-as-a-service & Delivery-as-a-service plaform that rent EVs & provide delivery services

Co Invested with SoSV and 7 others


EcoRatings, a one-stop shop for all your sustainability needs by enabling teams to unify and query ESG data to get targeted results. 

Our Generative AI solutions consist of an Open Source LLM of 7 B parameters with a Retrieval Augmented Generation  (RAG) architecture in an enterprise environment that can help businesses better understand and analyze their ESG risks and opportunities.

Our Success Stories

With 50+ startup investments and more than $100Mn syndicated, we are building the largest Cross-border community. Check out our startups with a combined valuation of $1Bn below.

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